Zebbug village central square and historic church

Zebbug or Città Rohan is one of the oldest towns situated right in the centre of the island of Malta. The Parish Church dedicated to St. Philip situated right at the centre of the village is surrounded by quaint Maltese streets and alleys portraying the Maltese village life at its best. The village square is a hub of activity, hosting the very popular local village band clubs, a few local eateries and shops and a weekly open air market. The word ‘Zebbug’ means olives in Maltese, and so, the town gets its name from the large olive groves that used to stand around the current location of the town centre. You will find up to 13 chapels/churches in the village of Zebbug many of which still offering daily mass services.

Situated right in the centre of the island, Haz-Zebbug is only a 5 minute drive away from the old capital city of Mdina and the surrounding Rabat and Ta’ Qali Crafts Village. The capital city of Valletta is a 15 minute drive or bus ride away, with buses working from early morning till late evening on a daily basis. Moreover, a bus night service operates from St Julian’s (Malta’s nightspot) to Zebbug every Friday and Saturday evening. Some of our guests prefer renting a car since this will give the added flexibility and can reach all areas you wish to visit easily in a mere maximum 20 to 30 minute drive. We are situated 7km away from the Malta International Airport.

Zebbug held great importance next in line to Mdina and Valletta during the times of the Knights of the Order of St John, while the Grand Chancery of the Hospitalier Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem is also situated here.

Zebbug was given the title of Città Rohan by Grandmaster Emmanuel de Rohan-Polduc in 1777. On such occasions, the locals used to build a gate to serve as an entrance to the city, and the people of Haz-Zebbug did the same. The gateway still stands today.

The splendour of St. Philip's Church is the prime evidence of importance of Zebbuġ in the Maltese history. The parish church dedicated to St. Philip is a museum of architecture, art and sculpture, built in the late seventeenth century.

But if you wish to experience the village at its best, visit Zebbug during the feast of St Philip, which is celebrated on the second Sunday of June, with three competing band clubs and fireworks factories along with all the fun and flair typical of Maltese village festas. Zebbug is also well-known for having one of the best Good Friday pageants on the island, during Easter week.